Event registration

Would you like to organize an event without all the troubles of the registration process? Then you found the right company. We rely on our very capable partners for arranging everything from sending your invitations to managing the online subscriptions. Then Easy2Rent steps in to manage the full production process and provide the registration equipment, such as ticket scanners.

We can assist events and meetings of any size, starting from 100 guests up to large events of 7500 visitors. Examples are congresses, small business fairs, staff parties or network events.

Event registration: from start tot finish

Our high-quality and user-friendly scan equipment ensures a smooth and comfortable ticket registration. Nobody likes entrance lines...

During the event, our production manager will see to a fluent registration process. At the entrance, each visitor shows his or her invitation on a print copy or mobile screen, containing a QR-code. These are scanned by our friendly hostesses and within a few seconds, a badge with your full-colour logo rolls out of the high-tech badge printer and is handed to your guest.

The badges can have any shape or size, with options ranging from key cords to card holders and customization of the displayed information (like workshop hours, daily programmes or any other message). That way the badges will be fully integrated with the overall look & feel of your event or your company.

To measure is to know

A smart system for handling the registration process can also provide lots of interesting data about your visitors. This information can be used to track and display the movement of your guests during the event, tracing their check-in times, workshop attendance, peak hours, and time of check-out.
These results offer loads of interesting data for all kinds of purposes, such as after sales, programme optimization, smarter registration management or for personal networking.

A fitting answer to each demand

There is much more we can do for your event besides managing your registration process. Our extensive rental portfolio grants us an unmatched knowledge of how to equip and furnish any event with the right IT and AV setup.

How about:

  • Digital welcome signs
  • Digital signposts with interactive display of schedules and maps
  • Furnishing of training rooms and halls with beamers ,laptops and audio equipment
  • Printing systems
  • Information terminals, presentation systems and video walls
  • Product presentations on tablets, such as Apple iPads, set up for display
  • Arranging WiFi or wireless network access for the full conference or event

Would you like to hear about the IT and AV solutions we have in mind for your business fair or event?
Then please get In touch with us!