Our Approach

Step 1: Request for offer & advice

Every IT or AV demand requires its own unique solution. That’s why Easy2Rent has based the organization of its people, products and services on the goal of providing optimal attention to each individual costumer. To you, for instance! We like to be surprised by your demands, confident that we are ready and able to quickly find the best solution. Nothing is left to chance. Firstly, we look closely at the actual desire that lies behind our costumer’s request. By measuring all the requirements for his specific application, we can precisely select the fitting solution. Our specialists are always willing to share their honest and sound advice. Because Easy2Rent is not bound by any suppliers or contractors, we can offer a fully independent advice, based on nothing but our own personal expertise. Offer requests can be made through our website, by email or telephone. Your request will always be followed by a call from one of our account managers to discuss further details. During office hours, you will receive a tailor-made offer by email within four hours after your request! Always a tailor-made solution. No trouble at all; not for you, and neither for us.

Step 2: Preparations

Most of the work that is essential to our successful performance is happening behind the screens. A key factor is that our rental assortment exclusively consists of premium brand products. Chosen among the premium professional equipment of leading manufacturers, our rental products ensure the widest range of options and the highest level of user-friendliness. After each order, the equipment is gathered, tested, prepared and packed with the utmost care by an Easy2Rent professional. Of course, our products are delivered with the required software pre-installed in the language of your choice, and with any peripheral equipment pre-assembled. Personal features and content, such as video’s, presentations, apps or other files, are uploaded and tested as the customer requests. That way, we can hand over a Plug-and-Play product that needs no further care beyond a simple press on the POWER-button. Enjoy every step of our service.

Step 3: Delivery, installation & support

Renting is a flexible solution. We even offer rentals by the day, with options of renting per week or month, or simply for as long as the equipment is needed. We can deliver at any desired location in Europe and at any moment, even during evening or weekend hours. Deliveries are carried out by our logistical and technical employees, who do much more than simply bringing the rented equipment to your doorstep. Our qualified specialists take care of the whole process, from professional installation and mounting to configuration. Each product is thoroughly tested and – if necessary – connected to your networks. Finally, the equipment’s operator will get an instruction on handling the rented equipment. Afterwards, we are always available through our telephone support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If necessary, one of our professionals can even be hired to assist on-site. A workable, quick and very comfortable arrangement..

Step 4: Reassembling & returning

For your comfort, we also take care of dismantling your rented equipment. Right after your event, business conference or congress, our people arrive to dismount and collect all equipment. After a long day, you can simply go home while leaving the whole deconstruction process to us. Naturally, any personal content or recordings on the equipment will be deleted – but only after your confirmation! Because Easy2Rent has its own logistical service, we can guarantee a quick, flexible and reliable no-surprise delivery. Renting has never been this easy!